For the Tuesday program, My Media, that I go to, Ms. Lorretta asked us to think about what topic we want our video project to be on. This is a project in which we will write and record a video about a topic by interviweing peolple (including other ways) to find out information.

My plans for my video project is to interview and report on a group called the Social Justice Institute. They are a group that focuses on what young people of today feel is the greatest problem in society. It could be racism, education, bullying, etc. Each individual group will go about and try to help solve that problem in the way that they choose to. I am going to try and interview the top directors of this associations (Dr. Ronda Williams) and a few youth people who are working inside the group. I am also going to tell a few people who know nothing about the group and fill them in on what they do. Then I’m going to ask them questions about what they think of the SJI: how it could affect the society? What are your thoughts on this association? IS this a improvement to society…something that will help people?–and more questions like that so that I can get a quick fill on how the community thinks this organization could help or hurt them. This will help me compare and contrast the organization to the people the organization is trying to help. I will also report any more interesting data that I find while working on this final assighment. I’m really excited to start, work through and complete my project!