1. How do you feel about the decision you made in bringing the flats back to life?

I asked this question to try to personally put him in my questioning because he is the mayor, so I’m wondering whether or not he really wants to see the city improve in the way that the people are asking him to.

2. How greatly did the city affect your answer on bringing the flats back to life?

I asked this question to find out how he thinks the city had an effect on his answer, so the people could know how greatly they influence there mayor. He is speaking for them after all.

3.  Because Cleveland holds many of the world’s famous places, did you find it a problem that the east bank of the flats wasn’t as alive as it soon will be, because maybe if it was then it could have brought in more people and business, etc.?

I asked this question to find out whether or not it was a priority issue—not just because the people wanted it—but because maybe it could help the community in one way or another.

4. What are the plans for restoring the east bank of the flats?

I asked this question because I wanted the people to be able to recognize what he had planned out for them so they could know what was coming.

5. How are these improvements to the flats going to affect the community?

I asked this question to understand the consequences of this decision and notice how greatly it would affect the community and its people. For example: Will businesses boom? Or is it in the center of popular traveling centers, so people will stay in hotels there more often? Etc.

6. What are some new buildings and places that you think will draw people into the flats?

I asked this question to get a quick feel of what type of things will be there. For example: Will it be filled with big flashy buildings at night, or cafes on every corner?

I asked these questions, essentially, to find out answers for the community so that they’d know what’s headed there way and what the process and thinking behind it was.

I asked my questions in this order because I tried to ask the most important things first, for the reasons explained in the last My Media class. This was, when writing an article you want to have the good stuff on top because everything might not be able to be used. And if you asked the best questions then maybe yours will be the one that is publicized, out of everyone else’s. I also asked them in this order because I tried to think about what his answers might be to former questions asked and then ask those questions. But at the same time I tried to ask questions with a new feel that might be able to flow with any recent answer given, because of course I don’t know what his answers would’ve been to my questions in the first place. I wanted to get the most information that I could get out of six questions.