How good are you’re interview skills?

My interviewing skills are okay because I haven’t interviewed that many people in my life.

Have you had much interviewing experience?

I have only had a few interviewing experiences and they were not for anything outside of school, so mostly they were interviewing family members, friends, etc.

What makes a sucessful interviewer?

What I think makes a successful interviewer is if that person respects the person that they’re interviewing. I think this because if you don’t act like you respect that person’s thoughts then you might not get the easy going person you want sitting in front of you.

What are the most important questions in an interview?

I think the most important questions to ask in an interview is what that person feels about the topic and how they are involved with what they were talking about. I think this because if you involve the person that you’re talking to with you’re story then they might want to say more. Everyone loves to share their experiences!